To Go Public For The Second Time

from the rebounds dept

Last year, we had the story of Webshots, the startup that was sold to Excite@Home for $80 million, bought back by its founders for $2.4 million and then sold again to CNET for $70 million. It looks like Scott Blum is trying to do a similar trick with — but instead of selling the company to another company, he’s selling it to the public markets for the second time. Blum, of course, was the super high profile founder of who was considered such a liability originally that investment bankers would only take the company public if he left. The company finally did go public, despite its massive losses and negative margins, providing Blum with a nice little profit that he used to buy the company back a year and a half later, taking it private. Now comes the news that Blum is going to take public again, even though the company is still reporting fairly massive losses. Even as the IPO market has opened up again, one thing people have pointed out is that it still seems like companies with successful track records are the ones making it through the window. Well, now maybe even the non-profitable dot coms are going to try to go public too. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It used to be what we called a “bubble.”

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Comments on “ To Go Public For The Second Time”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Floating on Money

When friends visit me in Newport Beach, I take them on the touristy Habor Cruise, which is the Ocean version of the Beverly Hills tours (“that was John’s Wayne’s ocean-side house”, etc.).

One of the points on the tour is the multi-multi-multi million dollar ocean side home and multi-multi-multi million dollar yacht sitting next to it “owned by the founder and owner”. Name of the yacht? “.com”

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