Samsung The World's First In World's Firsts

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It’s nearly impossible these days to find a press release where the issuing company doesn’t declare itself to be “a leading company” in some market (usually they define the market, to make sure they’re leading — but sometimes, even that’s too much work). It appears that there’s another useless claim showing up in press releases, with Samsung demonstrating it quite well over the past few weeks. It turns out the company put out twenty press releases in the first nineteen days of the year, with many of the new announcements claiming to be “the world’s first” of whatever it was they were claiming. Of course, competitors are shooting back, claiming that Samsung’s “world’s firsts” are hardly firsts, and pointing to plenty of examples where other companies have beat Samsung to the punch. Samsung isn’t alone in the bogus world’s first claims. We recently pointed to Sprint’s claims of being first with over-the-air updates in the US, when it’s easy to point to something like T-Mobile’s Sidekick, which has done OTA updates since 2002.

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