How Convergence Is Killed: No One Can Let Go Of Control

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We’ve been hearing about “convergence” for so long it’s become something of a joke. It’s even gone out of style and come back into style… and yet most of the “convergence” we see is still very simple basic convergence rather than anything serious. So, what’s holding up convergence? Control. In almost every area where convergence efforts have stalled, it’s because of some issue having to do with who “controls” what. How do companies “control” the content via copy protection? Who “controls” the patents that go into this particular standard? Who “controls” the rights to make this particular device work with that particular device. Standards get delayed, products don’t get used, and nothing works with each other because someone, somewhere is always worried about control. The end result is that no one actually gets what they want. More open systems, more trusting of the users, more understanding of new business models could help to move convergence forward — but it will never get anywhere as long as so many companies are so focused on who controls what.

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