Motorola Just Wants To Be Cool

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You get the feeling that Motorola is trying to raise its profile among the younger generation? First it was the phone/iPod ski jacket with Burton and now it’s Bluetooth-enabled “wearable wireless communications devices.” In other words, sunglasses with an earpiece that will connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Seems like a nice novelty item for some people, though, they’re likely to be ridiculously expensive. And, then, of course, you’ll have to debate each time you go out whether to wear the mobile phone-connected sunglasses or the MP3 playing sunglasses. Choices, choices, choices.

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Comments on “Motorola Just Wants To Be Cool”

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1 Comment
Ringtone (user link) says:


Hello Moto – I have nothing but praise for the way motorolla have turned themselves around after a dreadfull few years in the Satellite phone market and digital phone markets ( they thought analogua was the future ) Were they not so wrong – Either way I am enjoying their come back – they have a lot to offer and can keep Nokia from being complacent

Ringtone Expert

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