Microsoft: DRM Loophole Your Problem, Not Ours

from the educate-yourselves... dept

How nice. Following the news that someone is, indeed, exploiting the loophole in Microsoft’s DRM offering to sneak trojan horses onto computers, Microsoft has basically said “it’s not our problem.” Their response is that there’s really just no way to fix it, so people should educate themselves about the problem, and maybe use Microsoft’s own antispyware solution to fix it. Maybe it’s just a poor choice of words by the Microsoft guy in question, but this comes off looking really bad. It’s clearly a security hole by Microsoft. There’s no way a DRM product should be installing applications on your computer when it’s just supposed to be looking for a license. Most people assume, when they click on a media file, that there’s no executable included. Telling people to “educate” themselves is pretty obnoxious. To follow that up by pointing to a beta offering that was only bought to put a temporary fix on Microsoft security problems just seems to highlight Microsoft’s cavalier response to security issues. Microsoft keeps saying that they’re taking security more seriously, but telling people to educate themselves and pointing them to a different product (still in beta) to protect themselves from a problem that comes from Microsoft’s poor design, makes it seem like they don’t really care at all.

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Comments on “Microsoft: DRM Loophole Your Problem, Not Ours”

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eskayp says:

No Subject Given

‘Irresponsible’, ‘arrogant’, ‘predatory’, or just ‘sad’.
Take your choice(s).
But even sadder, the bulk of clueless PC users,
don’t know, don’t want to know, and will damn
anyone who tries to inform them.
Even with the impressive growth of the open source
and Linux communities, we diehard true believers
are but a pimple on the beast’s behind.
Hope the annoyance becomes terminal.
Then at least the rest of the general population
will be free of the parasite.

Mike says:

Re: Educate themselves?

And what about those of us that have a few grand sunk into machines for gaming? We have no choice but windows, as none of the games run on linux or mac? I am far from computer illiterate and I run XP because I none of my games run anywhere else. It seems these geek sites lump all windows users into this group of ignorant clueless morons that don’t know anything about computers because we don’t run linux… personally I don’t see it an option at all. Until games are multi platform, windows is the only option. (oh and this is where people will tell me about the vast array of suckage that is linux gaming, sorry but those games are pretty much all crap)

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