Parents Name Poor Kid Yahoo

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We’ve already noted that there’s a somewhat odd, but growing, trend for parents to name their kids after a brand. It appears a Romanian couple is doing exactly that, and have decided to name their kid Yahoo (no exclamation point, apparently). The reasoning? They met via Yahoo’s dating service. Yahoo! (with the exclamation point) should get that family into an ad quickly. Of course, you have to wonder if Yahoo Serious might send out his lawyers.

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Comments on “Parents Name Poor Kid Yahoo”

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Steve Mueller (user link) says:


It seems every Web report about this is misleading. The child’s first name (what people usually mean when they say they named their child) is Lucian; Yahoo is the boy’s middle name.

As people generally go by their first names, and only mention their middle names when they have to (or if they hate their first name), I hope this boy’s childhood won’t be too traumatic.

Dennis (user link) says:

Re: Re: Yahoo has been used before....

yes.. but Yahoo Serious was originally Greg Pead and therefore was not subjected to the charms of growing up as someone named “Yahoo Serious”. Although… hmmm.. now that I think of it.. “Greg Pead” really does provide ample fodder for childish ridicule… so maybe Yahoo isn’t such a bad name after all…

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