FBI Takes 7 Months To Decide That Useless Computer System Should Be Scrapped

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Back in May, we noted that the FBI’s brand-spanking-new $600 million computer system was useless in fighting terrorism. It was designed without thinking that terrorism might be the main focus of the agency, and apparently, no one thought that any computer system they built should be flexible enough to change as the FBI changed. Also, for some reason, between September of 2001 and May of 2004, no one decided to look at what they were building and see if it made sense. Instead, they kept writing larger and larger checks. Well, since that announcement back in May, it sounds like the FBI has been scratching their collective heads and wondering if maybe, just maybe, the system was useful for something. It turns out the answer is: no. The FBI is now likely to completely ditch the system and start from scratch next spring — at which time they’ll start spending on a new system, that probably won’t be delivered for a few years, and (yes, of course) will likely be obsolete and useless by the time it’s implemented as well. Our tax dollars at work.

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Comments on “FBI Takes 7 Months To Decide That Useless Computer System Should Be Scrapped”

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dorpus says:

False Flag

If the FBI had a really awesome computer system that could tell you when Mike went to the bathroom last time, do you think they’d tell you about it? No, they’ll publicly announce a fiasco, to let their adversaries underestimate them.

Unofficially, the FBI makes billions of dollars from drug money seizures. Official government budgets for the FBI are really so the FBI doesn’t have to depend on asset seizures too much.

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