Computers Make You Honest?

from the really? dept

Would you believe that answering to a computer makes you more honest? A test done with job applicants has found that those who filled out applications on computers tended to be more honest about their skills and qualifications, than those who filled out paper applications. The sample size is pretty small, so you might question how accurate the findings are. The explanation given by the researchers is that on paper, people are more likely to think about things — whereas computer users are more likely to just fill it out. Intuitively, this makes some sense… at first. Then you begin to wonder why people who think longer are more likely to lie?

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Comments on “Computers Make You Honest?”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Police Interviewing Techniques

There are good books on how to make people reveal inconsistencies in their story. I’ve found that it’s very easy to get people to admit to lying online, perhaps more so than real life.

In real life, police have the age-old technique of providing generous servings of tea and coffee to their suspects, and not letting them leave the room. Most people will admit anything after 5 cups, right before the room gets really smelly. 😉

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