Intel Is All For Muni Broadband (Just So Long As They Use WiMax)

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In a move that is likely to surprise absolutely no one, Intel is going to make a public statement suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with muni broadband, and that service providers should work together with local governments to come up with reasonable solutions to offer broadband. Basically, Intel knows that the more competition there is, the more demand there should be for alternate solutions, such as WiMax, and that means more sales for Intel. In a world where there’s just one or two providers, they might (gasp!) go with solutions that don’t lead back to Intel’s pockets. Even worse, those solutions may not be all that interesting to consumers, meaning fewer people buying new computers and devices with chips that Intel sells.

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Comments on “Intel Is All For Muni Broadband (Just So Long As They Use WiMax)”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Agree that it shouldn’t be surprising and that it is self-serving. But those things were also true a year ago, and it’s only being said now. This seems to signal a point of being fed up with incumbent rhetoric.

Incumbents like to pretend they are no longer monopolies by essentially saying look, it’s a duopoly! twice as good! But the incumbent business mentality is still that of a monopoly (lobbying for protected markets through influence peddling, instead of _earning_ a superior market position through better products and services in the free market).

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