Vaporware: Is It All Computer Hardware And Games?

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Once again, Wired News has come out with their famed vaporware awards that are always worth checking out. There are a few repeats on there, of course. Infinium Labs’ Phantom gaming console — which we thought was dead, but just keeps on getting back up again — comes in at number one. Still, the overall list seems to fit pretty closely into two categories: video gaming stuff and computer hardware stuff that will let you play games faster. You get the sense that video gamers are the ones doing most of the voting?

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Comments on “Vaporware: Is It All Computer Hardware And Games?”

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1 Comment
Mark says:

No Subject Given

“You get the sense that video gamers are the ones doing most of the voting?”

There’s that, plus the fact that the gaming market is relentlessly hyped, so that even the games that do reach market almost always seem a little underwhelming. Wired’s vaporware awards are one symptom of the cynical backlash that marketing has created among those consumers.

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