Companies Find IM Saves Them Money

from the always-a-good-thing dept

While companies that promote IM monitoring software have been going around trying to convince companies that using IM at work is bad, it appears that most companies know better… or simply don’t know enough to care. It’s now estimated that 85% of businesses use instant messaging in some manner, though, that seems quite high. Does that apply to things like Mom & Pop retail shops? However, more interesting is the fact that some are actually trying to measure the impact it has, including a study that Intel did, where they found that using IM at work is leading to time savings worth approximately $25 million. Obviously, there are good and bad sides to IM. It often makes quick communications easier, but it can also be a distraction. Teaching people to better manage their IM presence can go a long way towards helping with that issue — but for now, it appears that enough businesses are realizing that IM seems to help, not harm, their productivity.

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