Spyford Wallace Agrees To Stop… For Now

from the onto-the-next-scam... dept

Sanford Wallace, of course, was probably the main source of spam in the late 90s before plenty of others jumped into the spam game. While he then claimed to have “reformed” and left the business to start a (failed) night club, he stepped back into the “annoy the hell out of users” scene earlier this year by getting into the spyware business. Even better, he not only put spyware on your computer, but also offered to sell you software to get his spyware off your computer — even though the software didn’t work. The government didn’t look too kindly on that sort of business and went after him. According to the AP (who seems to have misspelled Wallace’s name), Wallace has agreed to stop putting spyware on computers. So, now, will he go around claiming he’s a “reformed” spyware purveyor until the next method of annoying users comes along and he jumps on that bandwagon too?

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