Scammers Show Up Quickly Following Tsunami Tragedy

from the sickening dept

We haven’t mentioned the tsunami tragedy here because it’s really not a tech story — and while some have tried to stretch some other stories to create tech stories about the tsunami, most seemed sort of pointless. Like everyone else, we’ve been following the stories, but saw no reason to spend too much time on them here. You don’t come here to read about tragedies like that. However, one thing that is related to technology, in the aftermath of the tsunami is just how many cruel hoaxes and scams are being played on people following such a terrible tragedy — mostly using the internet as a shield. It’s amazing just how sick some people can be that they would respond to such a situation in this manner. There’s the one guy who for who-knows-what-reason thought it made sense to make up stories telling those looking for missing friends and relatives that those people had died in the tsunami. Then, there are the more expected scams, such as those putting up websites asking for donations to aid the victims of the tsunami, but who have no affiliation with the charities they claim they represent. Along similar lines are spammers asking for donations, in a combined spamming/phishing run. Meanwhile, there are some completely unsubstantiated rumors that identity thieves are descending on the dead bodies of tsunami victims to see what material they can steal for the sake of identity theft. It certainly makes you question what is wrong with these people. As horrifying as an event this has been, it’s good to see that it’s brought out the best in many, many people around the world. It’s truly unfortunate that a few folks seemed to go in the other direction.

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Comments on “Scammers Show Up Quickly Following Tsunami Tragedy”

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dorpus says:

Sweeping Assumptions

The “completely unsubstantiated rumors” sounds biased, though. Just because news media hasn’t found any cases yet, does not mean it is not happening. Most victims/predators are outside the reach of law enforcement or media, so this is rather like saying that bears couldn’t possibly defecate in the woods because that’s too indecent. Even the media does acknowledge that tsunami victims are raping each other now.

dorpus says:


I was about to say, this is an incredibly insensitive cartoon in the current edition of the Japan Times. But it turns out this cartoon has been there since before the tsunami, and it was referring to the typhoons earlier in the year, when only a few people were hurt.

If this cartoon had appeared in a print edition, no such misunderstanding would have occurred in the first place. So the internet can increase miscommunication also.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Spam scams/Tsunami

Their called animals.
They are ignorant inhuman people incapable of basic kindness, respect and decency.

Is it any wonder in a country where they can’t manage to keep fucking water buffalo off the damn runways so we can come in and deliever the needed supplies and assistance without relief planes crashing ?

Those pigs rewards await them in the next life.

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