Do Not Touch That Mouse

from the wash-your-hands! dept

We’ve all seen examples of how various companies are attaching more and more ridiculous “warnings” to products thanks to ever-present product liability suits because someone didn’t realize things like that they shouldn’t submerge their toaster in the bathtub they were in at the time. While many of these are simply funny examples of “who would ever actually do that?” some new laws are creating some absolutely bizarre warning labels. Take, for example, warning labels that are showing up on certain computer mice in the state of California. Thanks to regulations, some mice have warnings saying you should wash your hands after handling them. The warning is specifically referring to the cord, and the fact that it has a tiny bit of lead in it, but as the article points out, unless the cord is broken up, you’d probably have to eat a fair amount of your mouse cord before you’d have a problem from lead poisoning. Still, apparently, some users are returning the mice, fearing for their safety.

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