Minnesota Told Again Not To Tax VoIP

from the how-many-times-do-they-need-to-hear-it? dept

How many times does the Minnesota PUC need to be told that they cannot tax VoIP providers? Over a year ago, they were told to leave VoIP providers alone, and last month the FCC set rules saying the same thing. Of course, that wasn’t going to stop Minnesota from trying. They appealed the case, suggesting that somehow the FCC ruling contradicted the earlier court ruling. However, the Appeals Court found the same thing that’s pretty obvious to just about anyone: the rulings say basically the same thing — which means Minnesota cannot tax VoIP. Will they actually understand this time? Update: Apparently, the California PUC has decided that they’re still going to fight this, and have filed an appeal to the FCC ruling themselves.

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Comments on “Minnesota Told Again Not To Tax VoIP”

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1 Comment
alternatives says:

Meanwhile the RBOCs keep lying and have exclusive

And yet SBC claims they can not deliver DSL to my location, even though they ‘own’ the wire and switch providing me service.

And yet the FCC is allowing SBC (and other RBOCs) to have EXCLUSIVE access to the fiber roll-outs. So the future will be the past for the RBOCs – no local phone (or data) competition.

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