Courts Freak Out That People Might Actually Use Their Wireless Networks

from the what-will-they-think-of-next? dept

This story seems bizarre, but apparently a bunch of courts are somehow unprepared for the fact that people might actually use the WiFi networks they installed. Most of the article focuses on a reporter sending out realtime updates for a court case via the WiFi, leading to this absolutely classic quote from someone from the court: “In my life, I would have never thought you could do any of that. When we put the wireless network in about two years ago, we didn’t think anybody would even use it.” Yeah, they just installed it for the hell of it. How dare someone actually use it! The rest of the article goes on to discuss just how “dangerous” this situation is, and how courts don’t understand what a risk these networks are. It also refers to “WiFi” as the “informal” name for wireless networks — when it’s actually very much the formal, certified name for them.

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