Politicians And Email Don't Mix

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Running a government would be so much nicer if you didn’t actually have to hear from “the people.” At least that seems to be the opinion of a bunch of politicians who have decided that email is too much for them to deal with. Of course, the point they’re making is that it’s simply too easy to flood their email boxes with junk from people who have very strong opinions on various issues. Mixing that in with the spam, can certainly make email a more difficult tool for communication — but it seems to be going a bit far to suggest that politicians should close off email as a point of contact. Yes, there are downsides to making it so easy to contact a politician — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in that as well. In the meantime, over in the UK, some politicians are apparently regretting the decision to use email as well — but for a different reason. As new freedom of information laws are about to go into effect in the UK, politicians are being told to delete all their emails to avoid having to reveal it via FoI requests.

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Comments on “Politicians And Email Don't Mix”

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Bladesman says:

Politicians[sic] And Email Don't Mix

Pay Attention!

the story is about Civil Servants being instructed to delete old and inconsequential e-mail. Nothing to do with Politicians.

In the UK Civil Servants are supposed to be apolitical and are not dependent on a given political party or politician for their jobs. Technically they are employed ‘by the crown’.

Could be worth reading and understanding a story before making up a catchy headline next time?

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