Cell Phones May Cause DNA Mutation: Study

Research conducted in Germany indicates that there is a correlation between exposure to mobile-phone-like RF radiation and breakage in strands of DNA in tests on lab animals. The authors of the study point out that the conclusions are not certain at this point, and that future study is required (no doubt securing their employment for years to come). Meanwhile the cell phone industry assures that their is no health risk in using a cell phone (of course we have no bias, right?) One telling part of the research seems to be that the scientists used RF power levels quite a bit higher than those normally emitted by handsets. The only reason we can imagine why they would compromise the usefulness of their research by incorrectly replicating the RF output of a phone is that perhaps they were not getting any interesting data until they jacked the power up! Also, we’d like to know the frequencies that they used, since that could have significant impact on the results.

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