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More Useless Copy Protection Comes To The US

from the why-bother... dept

Every few months we seem to hear about yet another “magic” solution to the question of people making copies of their CDs. Every time, it doesn’t take long for someone to figure out how to break the copy protection scheme. The latest is that SonyBMG is about to release an album with a new type of copy protection that they somehow want us to believe is much, much better than the old ones — which all had similar stories written about them when they launched. What’s going to happen is that someone will figure out a way to crack it. The songs will end up on file sharing networks just as quickly. The professional counterfeiters will go on counterfeiting. The end result is that no unauthorized copying will be stopped, but that the CDs will be more expensive. This does nothing, whatsoever, that’s good for the customer.

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