Acacia Hoards More Patents

from the this-is-innovation? dept

Acacia, the company that makes all of its money by using questionable patents to sue companies, has just acquired many more such patents by buying up a similar firm. So, now we have a company that does nothing to actually help innovate, but uses obvious patents that never should have been granted to extract a toll from plenty of companies that do innovate. And people wonder why some people think the patent system is broken? Once again, it looks like patent hoarding is going big time. It’s no longer going to be about small individual patent hoarding shops — but about big corporate powers who do nothing but sit on patents and send out lawyers asking for money.

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Comments on “Acacia Hoards More Patents”

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1 Comment
Steve Mueller (user link) says:

How They Make Their Money

Acacia, the company that makes all of its money by using questionable patents to sue companies[….]

A C|Net article I read said that Acacia’s intellectual property division didn’t make any products, but a related company did make some biotech and genomics products. That’s not to say Acacia doesn’t suck big time, and I don’t know what “related” actually means here, but let’s be factual about saying how much they suck.

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