Virgin Mobile Decides 10 Is Too Young For A Mobile Phone

from the probably-not-such-a-good-idea... dept

Earlier this year, there were some stories about how younger and younger children were getting mobile phones, often because parents wanted to use them as a safety mechanism. For carriers, this very young market represented potential for market growth — but it looks like the youth-focused Virgin Mobile in Australia has drawn a line. They’ve decided that they will not “target” those under 10. It’s not entirely clear what that means. For the most part, it doesn’t seem like any carriers are really looking at the under 10 market seriously — it’s just been a nice extra revenue source for a few. Virgin isn’t saying they won’t sell phones for those under 10 — just that they won’t focus their marketing efforts that low, which, basically means they’ll keep doing what they, and almost every other carrier, are already doing.

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Comments on “Virgin Mobile Decides 10 Is Too Young For A Mobile Phone”

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Erika says:

Re: PR

I’m sorry. I seriously also think 10 is too young an age to have a cell phone. Why would a 10 year old kid need a cell phone for? 10 year olds are at home or at least should be. When i was 10 I maybe only went to a friends house for the night,I could not go to the movies by myself much less the mall either. I received my first cell phone when I was 14, the eighth grade and not the fourth grade.

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