Christmas Lights May Kill Your Broadband Connection

from the just-say-no dept

It’s that time of year when some of your neighbors have probably lit up the night with enough lumens to be seen from outer space. While some people really seem to go out of their way to be excessive in the number of Christmas lights they put up to decorate their homes, they may have inadvertently caused themselves a problem. John tells us that in the UK, BT is warning people that Christmas light can kill your broadband connection. The problem is that many such lights aren’t up to certain electrical standards, and that can interfere with your DSL connection. So, as bright as the house may be, they may have knocked themselves off of the internet for the holiday season.

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Comments on “Christmas Lights May Kill Your Broadband Connection”

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1 Comment
Mr. Christmas Lights (user link) says:

17,000 Christmas Lights haven't killed my connecti

I’ve got 17,000 Christmas Lights controlled via X10 plus a pan/zoomable webcam where you can see ’em all … and I haven’t had any problems with my internet connection.

Oh yeah, did I mention that those 17,000 Christmas Lights are controllable via the web – i.e. surfers can turn ’em on and off – lets just say I have pretty understanding neighbors!

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