IBM Dumping ThinkPads For Powerbooks?

from the seems-unlikely... dept

While the rumors of IBM’s sale of its PC business to Lenovo are pretty much confirmed, another rumor is starting up that IBM will use the deal to tie themselves much closer to Apple — possibly even an acquisition. Unlike the Lenovo rumor, though, there seems to be very little to back this one up, other than wishful thinking. It’s not clear that it makes sense for either side — both of whom seem to be heading in opposite directions. Also, it’s hard to believe Steve Jobs would agree to such a deal without a major fight.

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Comments on “IBM Dumping ThinkPads For Powerbooks?”

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RJD says:


Doesn’t make much sense. IBM has little to no interest in the consumer space and while Apple’s enterprise offerings are intriguing from a cost/performance stance, IBM looks at big customers, not SMBs.

And some how those blue pin stripe suits and pink ipods don’t seem to belong in the same plane of reality much less the same business.

Rajesh (user link) says:

Re: Doubtful

I suspect the IBM PC divestment is all about their planned transition to Linux (reported earlier this year,1759,1429340,00.asp) and finally getting to eat their own dogfood (all that jazz about utility computing If anything, Apple can benefit if IBM transitions all their microprocessing needs for the Linux/utility computing to the Power 5+ platform ( from x86 and starts to push the performance envelope for Apple’s desktop/laptop’s products.

Steve Mueller (user link) says:

Stock Prices And Dress Codes

If anything, I think Apple’s stock would go up on the rumor more than IBM’s.

As for dress, I worked at IBM in San Jose from 1983 through 1995. I wore a blue pinstripe suit my first day there and my boss asked if I was bucking for manager already. That was the last time I wore a suit unless I had to (like customer meetings).

Granted, I was a software developer, but the culture for techies was definitely casual. I even wore an Apple sweater a few times that I had conned the Apple company store into selling me.

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