No More Emails

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It’s already been pointed out that one way to avoid phishing is to ignore all email requests — and it appears that companies are beginning to fear that’s exactly what’s about to happen. Companies are finally coming around to the realization that phishing can have a serious impact on their business — even if it’s not just in monetary losses to their customers. So far, however, they still don’t really know what to do about it. Maybe this will start to push more people to leave email alone and move on to other methods of electronic communication.

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Comments on “No More Emails”

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Mike (profile) says:


I’m certainly never going to get an account at SunTrust; they have failed to send responses to any of the phishing attempts that I’ve forwarded to their abuse@ address.
On the other hand, eBay and PayPal -always- thank me for forwarding phishing mail and -always- later on send a note telling me that the e-mail was faked. That’s the kind of reaction that all institutions should at the very least start with.
I still want to see some more phishers get jail time, though. Maybe we could reinstitute whippings and the stocks, also; I’d be there with some good garbage to throw at them.

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