Notices Nextel Is Ignoring WiMax

Despite the fact that it was widely known that Nextel didn’t care for WiMax and even made official a few weeks ago, is acting as if they have a big scoop that Nextel isn’t interested in WiMax. Not only that, but the article describes this as a “rare blow” to WiMax. That seems like an odd assessment, considering that almost no mobile operators seem to be seriously considering WiMax at this point, and plenty of people realize WiMax’s limitations as a consumer-touching wireless broadband offering. Basically, this same reporter has recently been hyping up WiMax beyond what it deserves, and so anything that portrays WiMax negatively must be a “rare blow.” Maybe the rare blow is simply to the excessive hype that the press seems to have concerning WiMax, not to the technology itself. WiMax certainly has potential, but too many in the press seem to think that it’s going to cure cancer, as well as offer instant, endless wireless broadband bandwidth to every last person on the planet.

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