New Netscape Just Firefox With IE Extension

from the whoop-de-do dept

It’s not entirely clear why is so excited about the fact that the latest version of the Netscape browser, while based on Firefox,
also lets people view pages in IE. When you look at the details, you realize that all they did was include the “View in IE” extension as a default. “View in IE” is a basic extension that plenty of people add to Firefox, for those annoying websites that haven’t yet figured out that they look awful outside of IE. It’s a really small add-on, but the articles makes it sound as though this is a huge deal, creating some sort of “hybrid” browser.

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Comments on “New Netscape Just Firefox With IE Extension”

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Kevin Benson says:

Mike is wrong

I must challenge your claim that the Netscape browser beta is just the “View in IE” extension included on top of Firefox. If you right-click a page in the Netscapre browser, you can choose “Display like Internet Explorer” and Netscape renders the page as IE, not opening a separate browser like the extension. It could not do this if it didn’t use the IE engine and therefore the cNet article is right on. Your post discredits Techdirt at multiple levels and should be updated or removed.

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