Wireless LNP Birthday Update

One year after the passing of WLNP, the FCC has issue a statement claiming success. The claims seem justified by the adjoining announcement that 8.5M customers have switched carriers and kept their number. Out of those 10% came from fixed lines, and today the US sees 720,000 WLNP ports a month. The upshot of this is higher levels of competition, lower overall prices, and increased levels of service and services.

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Comments on “Wireless LNP Birthday Update”

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1 Comment
Ash says:

Assuming that 70% of the population is on a one-year contract (this is an intuitive guess, no math behind this), about 120million wireless subscribers have had a chance to switch providers in the last one year. Out of that only 7.8 million (not counting the 10% that came from fixed access), or 6.5%, availed of the benefit of WLNP.

Any feature that gets adopted by only 6.5% of the subscriber base (and one that has been suffering the arrogance of wireless carriers) is certainly not a success.

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