Massive Mobile Cheating Scam

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There have been plenty of stories about students cheating via mobile phone, but over in Korea, they’re discussing a huge scam involving about 100 students to get better answers for the national college entrance exam. The details of the actual scam are very confusing in the article, but it basically sounds like the smarter students sent the answers out to accomplices, who sent the answers on to other students. What seemed most interesting, beyond the sheer number of students involved, is that this was heavily pre-meditated. They went out and bought special mobile phones for exactly this purpose, and held practice sessions. The scam involved some of the students using two mobile phones at once, apparently. With all of this going on, it’s still amazing that students can get away with this sort of thing. While phones can get pretty small, students still need to take them out and look at them — which would seem like a fairly conspicuous way of cheating. Obviously, it’s tough to watch a lot of people at once, but maybe the tests need more observers.

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