VCR One Step Closer To The End

from the gone-gone-gone dept

Earlier this year, Pioneer decided to stop making VCRs, signaling that the VCR age really was coming to a close. Following that, it’s no surprise that more and more retailers are slowing down or even stopping their sales of videotapes and VCRs. Over in the UK, retailers Dixons is saying goodbye to the VCR, saying they expect to sell out of current units by Christmas, and don’t plan to sell buy any more after that. While it’s clear that DVD players and video recorders like TiVo are rapidly taking over the functionalities of the VCR, the speed with which the VCR is simply disappearing makes an interesting case study in how new technologies spread — and how old ones die.

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Comments on “VCR One Step Closer To The End”

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euman says:


So what do we do with all our old video tapes? Many of whihc have irreplacable things on them! My video broke the other week and I am certainly having a hard time replacing it. And PVRs are not that common in the shops in the UK either. DVD recorders are still way too expensive – I suspect that there is a profit motive involved here.

Also, have you tried to buy a portable casette player recently? ALmost impossible to get a good quality tape player anywhere at a reasonable price.

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