Spam For Your Soul

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It isn’t the first time that spam has been going around that doesn’t appear to have a clear purpose in actually selling something, but some spam watchers have noticed an awful lot of religious spam suddenly clogging our mail servers. The anti-spam company who is quoted in the article about it, thinks they’re just doing it because they can — and because religious spam probably doesn’t fall under the CAN SPAM laws. However, you have to wonder if it isn’t serving some other purpose in trying to either open up a channel for spammers or set up some sort of scam.

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Comments on “Spam For Your Soul”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Spam conspiracy?

I have been tracking spam for a while now, and have seen a noticeable rise in what I call ‘fake spam’; spam that contains no links etc. and appears to serve no other purpose but keeping the amounts of spam at a high level. These ‘fake spams’ range from just random text, to some odd ‘story’ to a typical viagra/manhood-enlarging email that either contains no link or contact info or a link that never was what it’s supposed to offer.

Mark says:

No Subject Given

Depending on how you look at it, you could argue that religious indoctrination has *always* been spam, even two thousand years ago. It comes at you unsolicited; it can be hard to get it to stop; it often comes attached to a request for money. If so, the question isn’t why we’re seeing religious spam now, but why it’s taken so long for religious spam to enter a medium that’s so well suited to its traditional purpose.

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