And You Thought You Got Too Much Spam…

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If you thought you’re receiving too much spam, don’t complain to Bill Gates. He apparently receives nearly 4 million emails a day — most of which are spam. This suggests, at the very least, that the billg email address everyone tosses around is accurate. No wonder his latest obsession is stopping spam. The article isn’t entirely clear, but apparently, Gates and Steve Ballmer have a special anti-spam filter, managed by an entirely separate department, to make sure the actual in-box they see isn’t overwhelmed with spam. Ballmer claims he gets the second largest amount of spam after Gates, but that only about 10 a day make it into his in-box.

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Comments on “And You Thought You Got Too Much Spam…”

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Exadios (user link) says:


I would not think that, on any given day, that there would be anything like 4 million individual spam messages out there. In fact, I suspect, that this figure is about 4000. This means that Bill Gates is, if the millions figure is correct, receiving many hundreds of each individual spam. I doubt that this is the case. More likely what is being called spam are complaints from frustrated Microsoft users.

Rashid Khan (user link) says:

I would not wonder on the 4 Million figure, It mig

The spam’s are mostly automated mails, the spamming companies have huge list of email address which they bank through website registration partners. And I guess is in the database of most of them, so I would not wonder on the 4 Million figure, It might be even more by now! But, I doubt if Bill uses this address, its probably a secret or only specific users groups (or servers) are given access to it.

KLW says:

Bill Gates on money/fortune

And I quote:
“I get about 100 e-mails a day. We apply filtering to keep it to that level—e-mail comes straight to me from anyone I’ve ever corresponded with, anyone from Microsoft, Intel, HP, and all the other partner companies, and anyone I know. And I always see a write-up from my assistant of any other e-mail, from companies that aren’t on my permission list or individuals I don’t know. That way I know what people are praising us for, what they are complaining about, and what they are asking.”

In summary, as the blurb says, most messages are spam, but that could simply be 51%, the other half could be complaints and other email that wasn’t meant as spam.

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