We're All Going Blind

from the wonderful dept

Unfortunately, this probably doesn’t surprise too many people, but all this staring at a screen all day can be pretty bad for the eyes. A new study is suggesting that staring at a screen can lead to glaucoma, which can cause blindness for some. Of course, there are still some questions about the study, and more research needs to be done, but hopefully research like this will lead to some changes to better protect users’ health.

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Comments on “We're All Going Blind”

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dorpus says:

Re: I've been staring at screens for 35 years...

Be careful what you wish for, friend. 😉 As the scientific paper says, the symptoms of glaucoma are insidious, happen over the course of years, and an estimated 75% of victims do not realize what they have. Given the macho attitudes prevalent among IT workers, it would be like asking drunk drivers to judge their own driving skills, or single mothers who shake their babies about their parenting skills. They will tell you they they have no problems.

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