Did Microsoft Take Pulp Fiction Writer's Idea?

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The screenwriter, Roger Avary, who wrote Pulp Fiction — certainly an innovative movie, but one that was clearly built off the ideas of others — is now claiming that Microsoft stole his idea for a video game. He says that Microsoft asked him to consult on ways to make video games more appealing to women, and he suggested a yoga game. Microsoft wanted him to sign something giving up the rights to the game, and he refused. Now, ResponDesign is getting ready to launch a yoga video game for the Xbox, and Avary says Microsoft gave the idea to ResponDesign, which ResponDesign denies. Microsoft, of course, has a history of simply taking ideas, so he may actually have a case. It would be interesting to see the details. However, Avary doesn’t seem to have planned to create this game himself, so just because he came up with an idea, he now reserves the right to sit on it forever?

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Comments on “Did Microsoft Take Pulp Fiction Writer's Idea?”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given


this is SO typical, and insulting. How dare you accuse Microsoft of STEALING an idea? Seriously! Or that they have a HISTORY of doing so? These are totally unfounded allegations aimed at a successful and ethical company!

…wow…how did I manage to write all that without busting a gut?

OF COURSE they stole the idea…when was the last time you heard about Microsoft doing something ETHICAL? They never PAY for it when they can outright steal the thing, or make YOU pay for it.

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