The Wireless iPod Is Patentable?

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There’s a bit of buzz this evening over the revelation that Apple has filed a patent on a wireless version of the iPod. That Apple is at least thinking about a wireless iPod isn’t all that newsworthy, but what no one seems to be addressing is the question of why simply adding a wireless connection to the iPod makes it patentable. A patent should be non-obvious, and plenty of people have been discussing the idea of a wireless iPod for years. It seems that companies now try to patent every new product they have, whether or not it’s really a non-obvious idea or not.

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Comments on “The Wireless iPod Is Patentable?”

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Boilerbob says:

Is the idea non-obvious or the solution?

I’m not a patent expert, so I could be wrong but isn’t the solution supposed to be non-obvious not the idea. A fuel-efficent car is a dream of many people but if I invented a car that gets 500 mpg I should be able to patent that.

Even with that said, I agree that is sounds like Apple doesn’t have a non-obvious solution either.

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