FedEx Slowly Increasing Wireless Usage

Nearly two years ago, we wrote about how UPS was adopting wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi to improve their processing, and now it looks like Fedex is stepping up their own efforts for their Fedex Ground division. They’ll be providing drivers with Bluetooth enabled handhelds along with giving trucks wireless connections for real time communication. Initially, they’re going to be using Mobitex (see, people still do use Mobitex), but will eventually shift to GPRS, just as the rest of the world is moving on to EDGE, UMTS or EV-DO. Also, they’re finally talking about using RFID chips more broadly. For all the talk about RFID, logistics heavyweights Fedex and UPS have taken a very conservative approach to the technology. So, any indication that either is ramping up their use of RFID should be watched.

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