CEA Releases Guidelines For The Clueless On Camera Phones

from the is-this-really-needed? dept

With all the talk about banning camera phones, the Consumer Electronics Association, decided to come out with a set of guidelines for when camera phone use is appropriate. These include such brilliant ideas as not using camera phones where photography is prohibited, not taking pictures of those who don’t know you’re taking their picture, and not using them while driving. In other words, these are guidelines that are pure common sense that most of us know already. That, of course, makes you wonder who would ever need such a set of guidelines. After all, if these rules are common sense, most people wouldn’t need them. Those who are going to violate those guidelines probably aren’t going to read them anyway, or aren’t going to care. Perhaps the guidelines only real purpose will be to offer an alternative to clueless managers who decide to ban camera phones without realizing how utterly pointless such a ban is.

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