The Internet Is Not Just Another Distribution Channel

from the waking-up... dept

Could it be that newspapers are finally recognizing that the internet is about more than just another place to put the same words? The CEO of the Associated Press seems to be saying exactly that, telling newspapers to: “Get ready for everything to be Googled, deep-linked, or Tivo-ized.” This isn’t a bad thing, either, it’s just a fact of life. In fact, it should open up new opportunities to build bigger audiences, in a business that has been steadily declining over the years. We’ve already discussed how providing better ways to spread the news rather than just deliver the news is a good first step for news organizations, but they need to go much further in understanding how people are a part of the news process these days — from providing content or commentary themselves to distributing it to others. If the newspapers don’t keep up by fitting in to this world, people will continue to find their news elsewhere.

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