Man Kicked Off Dating Site For Being Too Successful

from the can't-commit dept

How do online dating sites define success? If they match up two people successfully in a long-term relationship, they lose two customers. However, it appears that some aren’t so thrilled about “serial daters” either. One site has kicked off one subscriber for using the site too much. Apparently, he got himself over 100 dates via the system, but the women started complaining that he was afraid of commitment. It’s not exactly clear how the dating site should be at all responsible for the guy’s ability to commit or not — but they decided they’d had enough of him, and sent him packing. He doesn’t sound too worried though, as it’s likely some other dating site will be more than happy to take his business.

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Comments on “Man Kicked Off Dating Site For Being Too Successful”

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DV Henkel-Wallace says:

makes sense

It appears most people go to the site to have a few dates and then find someone permanent. He doesn’t, so the site isn’t for him and he ticks off the customers.

Now unrelated to what I just said: if they don’t actually post that as a policy (as opposed to a marketing position) then I suppose he would have a bait-and-switch claim. But he doesn’t sound too upset, and anyway, they could just give him a refund.

Clive Worth (user link) says:

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