Diebold Settles, Promises They Won't Keep Lying

from the gee,-that's-comforting dept

A few months ago, California sued Diebold for lying about their e-voting equipment. At the time, Diebold was thrilled because the civil lawsuit meant that the state was no longer pursuing criminal charges against them. They also had another reason to be thrilled: it was incredibly easy to get out of the lawsuit. They have agreed to settle, paying up a mere $2.6 million and promising that they’ll really (no, really, we promise) try much harder next time to tell the truth. This is a company that simply doesn’t seem to realize what’s at stake, who has actively fought against ideas that would make e-voting more safe and secure, and they’re getting off with a pocket-change level fine and a promise to try harder? That’s not particularly comforting.

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