You've Got To Spend Money To Save

from the Bundles-Of-Joy dept

While there are definitely some drawbacks to bundled services, cable companies and telecoms are focusing on the upsides. If not already, consumers will soon be bombarded with “triple play” offers which let consumers subscribe to broadband, TV and voice. Then, the next step is to tack on wireless services which will further suck consumers into the grasps of having all their communications needs provided for by a single company on a single (ever increasing) bill. So in order to “save” on services, consumers will have to order more services — which is okay for some consumers, but really exciting for providers as they look to reduce customer churn and expand their subscriber base. This is all basically another way to say “do you want fries with that?”, except at some point you may not be able to refuse the fries. Considering cable channels aren’t becoming a la carte anytime soon, the prospects of separating your mobile phone bill from your internet connection could be unlikely if consumers jump at these super-sized packages.

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