Australian Nigerian Scammer Sent To Jail

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Just as an American spammer appears to be facing jailtime, an Australian spammer who apparently ran a “Nigerian” 419 scam has been sentenced to five years in jail. There aren’t many details, but he managed to con people out of nearly $5 million dollar, reaffirming the fact that there really are a ton of suckers out there with way too much money, not much common sense, and an uncanny ability to fall for a scam that, by now, you would think everyone would know about. Of course, as we’ve mentioned in the past, many of those conned by 419ers still believe the con artists were telling them the truth.

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Comments on “Australian Nigerian Scammer Sent To Jail”

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1 Comment
Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

A new kind of click-through license agreement

On all computers sold, there should be a startup screen that includes.

Hello, and welcome to the internet. There are no cheap legal pharmaceuticals available online. The enlargement pills don’t work. There are no cheap Rolex watches. There aren’t tons of single people anxious to have sex with you in your area. Anyone asking you for money is a scam, please report them to the police.

Maybe it should display every time they boot up, anyone smart enough to disable the screen is assumed smart enough to vist the ‘net.

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