Fighting Spam By… Doing The Same Thing?

from the say-one-thing,-do-another dept

A panel discussion concerning how to stop spam at the Next Generation Networks conference started out by saying that the fight against spam had not been strategic enough. In other words, the responses weren’t really targeted at the root of the problem. So, what’s the more strategic solution? Actually, the suggestions given in the article sound exactly like what’s already being done: filtering, tell people not to respond to spam and laws that punish spammers. How is that any more strategic? That sounds just as tactical.

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Comments on “Fighting Spam By… Doing The Same Thing?”

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Lee Grey (user link) says:

Doing the same thing... that spammers do

I wrote this about a year ago, thinking that flooding spammers’ servers would make them think twice about exposing themselves. At least it’s something different.

I let it go because I wasn’t sure of the legal implications of promoting DDoS attacks. It’s always easier for government to prosecute the good guys, rather than the bad guys. Good guys are so much easier to catch.

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