Time Shifting TV Catching On

from the the-dream-of-TiVo dept

It looks like TiVo’s dream world of everyone time shifting their television viewing habits is finally starting to catch on — though, some may wonder if TiVo will live long enough to see it. This isn’t particularly surprising (and some of you may want to take the predictions with a grain of salt, seeing as they come from an analyst firm with a questionable record in such predictions). However, what is clear is that the cable companies and satellite TV providers are all starting to offer some form of digital video recorder system to customers, and people who are using them don’t show any intention of giving them up. One of these days, the TV execs may actually wake up and realize they need to change — though, it’s more likely they’ll freak out and try to resist first.

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Comments on “Time Shifting TV Catching On”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Time shifting?

I’m missing something. I don’t have Tivo but I’ve been time-shifting my TV viewing for a decade or more. It’s called “video-taping”. I record a show one night and watch it the next, or whenever. I can even pause live TV, with a handy button called OTR (One-touch-recording). Of course, I can’t time-shift less than the time length of the show, but otherwise, what’s the big deal, really?

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