An Online Lesson In Being Scammed

from the get-poor-quick! dept

Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in coming up with ways to trick people out of their money. Now that more people are recognizing Nigerian emails and phishing emails as the scams they are, the scammers are resorting to deeper levels of deception. One such scam is that a group of scammers set up a fake “free” two week online course in basic finance skills. The scammers claim the course is run by the Credit Suisse Group to recruit employees. However, about a week into the “course,” the students are asked to transfer some of their own money to learn about some financial concept. Instead, the concept they learn is that they’ve been robbed. What impresses me, though, is that these scammers came up with a week’s worth of financial training course material to trick people with. What the hell do they teach during that first week?

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