The Swing States Can Hear You Now

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Remember when the various wireless carriers put out identical press releases about how they were beefing up cell coverage for both presidential conventions? Well, that was nothing compared to what they’re doing now. Realizing that the horde of press, politicians and lawyers that will descend in any contested voting location will be the equivalent of a “natural disaster” where everyone needs to use their mobile phone at once, the various wireless carriers are trying to boost their cell coverage in the swing states where confrontations are most likely to occur. Democracy may be failing, but at least the cell coverage is good.

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Comments on “The Swing States Can Hear You Now”

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1 Comment
drteknikal (profile) says:

cells on wheels

The carriers have mobile cell sites that can be deployed to large events, emergencies, or disasters. It remains to be seen whether they’ll do any better servicing random litigants in swing states than they have servicing Phish festivals in the past. It should be easier to provide booster service to an already populated area than to provide service for 100,000+ visitors to what’s normally a small town of 2,000 or less.
Then again, I wonder if the political operatives won’t be hauling around cell phone jammers…

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