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Bob Cringely is simply amazed about someone who has created a $6,500 system that will let you watch live TV online. Basically it hooks into your home TV system, and then you can log into the server and watch it live. What’s impressive about the system is that, after an initial bit of buffering it comes in clearly. Others have been working on similar solutions, and indeed, Cringely mentions a few similar efforts — though, he can’t vouch for their quality. One of them even plans to let you hook into your TV via your mobile phone. While it does sound cool, at first, I still wonder if people really value live TV that much. We’ve become a time shifting world, where we watch TV on our own schedules. Sure, there will be occasional times when live TV makes sense, but how often is that? And how much are you willing to pay for it?

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Comments on “Live TV On The Go…”

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Phibian says:

Hasn't this been done?

Being able to watch live TV anywhere is pretty cool, although it’s not exactly new as a concept. This reminds me of iCraveTV (and later JumpTV) from way back.

In trying to offer TV over the Internet, these companies ran into all kinds of regulatory issues. I wonder if the guy featured on Cringely’s article is going to wish he hadn’t been featured…

Brian Smith (user link) says:

Re: Reminds me of the ol' Onion article

I would’ve placed a link to the onion article that talked about a $5K computer that let you watch TV (not over the net, just regular TV 🙂 ), but they’ve locked it in their archives 🙁

New $5,000 Multimedia Computer System Downloads Real-Time TV Programs, Displays Them On Monitor
HOUSTON?The highly touted “Internet Revolution” took another major step forward Monday, when Compaq unveiled the breakthrough Compaq Presario 6000, a $4,995 multimedia computer system that enables…
3308 | 4 March 1998 | News

Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

The price for his video card seems a little out of perspective. And your point about live TV events are really the good question: do we really care about “live” TV? For episodic programming, I’d say no. Athletic events, on the other hand, may have a good market – possibly a real good market if the programming goes mobile. Programming could be everything from little league to grade school to league and professional clubs. Any sport, anywhere.

armando says:

Re: yes, sports

i’m a vikings fan, and live in pdx, so we’re not in the vikings market(although they show a lot of detroit games here because ex-duck joey harrington is the q-back). it costs $10 a month just to hear a live stream of the vikings game, or i can cough up roughly $400 a season to get nfl direct ticket on satellite.
i can see other would would want to get this card(although not at $6500).


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