The Ring-Back Tone Arrives In The USA

Last year, we discussed a new wireless application called the “ring-back” tone, which is music you can select that is played to people when they call you, but before you answer the phone. The service doesn’t require any intelligence on the handset, so that a phone subscriber can use it with a new smartphone, or a 8 year old analog clunker. The technology also could work with fixed phones, although since they are less of a “personal” device, it is less common. As predicted, the service has finally appeared in the US through First Cellular in Southern Illinois through a partnership with PVI. We expected to see Ring-backs make their appearance around now, but we expected to see it from a major carrier. Guess there’s something to be said for being small and nimble. For those of you thinking this application sounds stupid, there are millions of satisfied customers in Asia, and the carriers are taking it to the bank.

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