Eminem Giving Out More To Folks Who Actually Buy CDs

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Paul Greenspan writes “I know that you often post stories about how the music industry is responding to music downloading. I thought it was cool to see someone trying to find a solution to the problem instead of just trying to use legal means. Quote: ‘As an incentive for fans to actually buy the CD instead of illegally downloading the album when it drops Nov. 16, Eminem has launched the Very Shady Xmas Contest. Fans who pay for the disc will be eligible for 400 prizes, ranging from Eminem-styled shows to Shady merchandise coupons to Sirius satellite radio equipment to a shot at working on the rapper’s next video.'” Somewhat surprising to see this from an artist like Eminem. The industry always seemed to have the biggest blinders surrounding their biggest stars. However, it looks like they realized that what they tried last time around didn’t work. The last album was supposed to be the largest use of copy protection at the time, and yet they still had to rush the album to stores after tracks showed up early on file sharing networks. However, this is exactly the type of first step that we’ve been talking about here for ages. Could it be that the industry is finally realizing they’re not just selling “music,” but the whole experience?

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