Sounds Familiar: Get Paid To Receive Spam

from the 1999-calling... dept

1999 is calling, and it wants its business models back. It seems like one by one, every one of the silly, discredited bubble-era business models is making a comeback. The latest is a plan by some company to pay users to receive spam. This has been tried before, and it failed before. The idea sounds good, in theory, but the reality is that the people who sign up for it absolutely don’t care about the spam that they get. They tend to never use that account, or ignore everything that comes in — making it completely worthless to the advertisers who are paying the money.

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Comments on “Sounds Familiar: Get Paid To Receive Spam”

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Tony (user link) says:

Paid emails

Ahhh, yes, I remember those nickel-an-email systems. I think I made ten bucks and it only took me about two years of clicking (never reading, just clicking) all the email I got. For the longest time I justified it by telling everyone it was so easy, it was just clicking links! Hah!
I can’t believe it took me two years to realize I was wasting my time.

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