Did Anyone Not Bail Out Of Silicon Valley?

from the wow dept

These numbers seem somewhat surprising. While it was clear that a lot of people bailed out on Silicon Valley or moved on to non-techie jobs after the bubble burst, it’s still shocking to learn that more than half of Silicon Valley workers left the area or the tech industry since 2000. Of course, the last laugh may be on those who left. Those who stuck around had their incomes rise, while those who moved on had their incomes stagnate.

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Comments on “Did Anyone Not Bail Out Of Silicon Valley?”

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dorpus says:

You know better, Mike.

People who stuck around in the valley did so because they had jobs in the first place. If all the people who left had somehow been forced to stay, the valley would be full of homeless people.

The people who left now enjoy a higher standard of living in other jobs, while those who stayed in the valley are suffering plumetting property values for the houses they bought during the bubble… so who will have the last laugh?

Ex-Oracle-ite says:

I had a job but I left.

I had a GREAT job, one that my current one doesn’t even come close to, but I left. I left because the schools SUCK and I could not in good conscience raise my kids there. The bottom line is that when I left the Valley for the East Coast, I immediately gave myself a $100K raise because I didn’t have to pay for private schools. Before, there was concern if school programs would continue. Now, my kids have to exclude stuff so they aren’t over-committed. Out here there aren’t Bridge School Benefits concerts cuz they aren’t needed. And the housing prices are sane because the tree huggers haven’t locked up all the land.

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